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Often God will use pain as process to heal lives
Isaiah 19:22 “The Lord will strike Egypt, striking but healing; so they will return to the Lord, and He will respond to them and will heal them.”
There are not many people who hope to experience pain. Pain isn’t pleasant and most of us try to avoid it. Yet sometimes pain produces something good, and the wise are willing to endure in order to receive the benefits.

For a number of years Abigail had suffered with an ingrown toenail. Excessive walking causes it to flare up, producing infection.

We heard about a surgery to fix this, but the thought didn’t sound pleasant, so
Abigail continued to endure. Finally after one sleepless night she decided to get it taken care of.

Overruling the butterflies in her stomach, she limped into the doctor’s office, and gritted her teeth to prepare for the procedure.

While the ensuing minutes produced discomfort as the doctor sliced into her nail bed and removed the offending nail, I am glad to say the result is wonderful. The toe healed well and pain has been eliminated, making walking much easier. The moment of pain produced great healing.

Often God also uses pain to heal lives. In the Bible Egypt has often been an enemy of God’s people. Numerous Bible stories tell of destructive events that occurred in this land, including the Israelite enslavement. The prophets warned Israel not to rely on this ancient empire or to fall into their ungodly ways.

Despite this wickedness Isaiah tells of a prophecy concerning Egypt. A day will come when the Lord will strike them, and not for the purpose of punishment, but for healing. After experiencing the pain of God’s hand they will return to the Lord, and God will respond and heal them.

What an encouragement! There is no nation, or person whom God can’t reach. Sometimes His Spirit speaks gentle words convicting of sin. But other times the Lord will strike for the purpose of healing.

The prophet tells the good news that in God’s appointed time He will cause Egypt and Israel to worship the Lord together. If God can accomplish this momentous task, then we can be confident He can reach our loved ones – even those who are the farthest from Him!

The thought of pain continues to be unpleasant, but Abigail is thankful she allowed the doctor to operate on her toe. The results have been complete healing and pain-free walking. In a much greater way the Lord can bring healing to the lives of His children.

So don’t resist His ways. For sometimes out of His wisdom and lovingkindness He will strike. And that moment of pain will produce great healing.

Sandra Sheridan is a Midwest wife and mother of five. Visit her at