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New technology showcased at National Farm Machinery Show

FruitScapes farmers market in Florida: the place to be

Oldest creamery in the U.S. still going strong

Indiana Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ag Professionals

KADB distributes more than $7 million

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Impact of the 2019 growing season on Lake Erie algae

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Heidelberg University has been monitoring Maumee River water, which flows into Lake Erie, for 45 years. Last April, something weird was going on which could affect harmful algal blooms (HABs). It will be a topic for discussion at the March 3-4 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference in Ada.

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Candidate Bloomberg may know little about farming

HILLSBORO, Ohio — Michael Bloomberg is said to have short legs, but there are many who believe the U.S. Presidential candidate can still insert a foot into his mouth.

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Change to: FFA has grown steadily since 1929

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Post-World War I America and her people were ready for progress in the late teens. The war effort had been as intense on the home front as on the front lines. Every American felt the effects of the battle for freedom, and was ready to work for a better day.
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FFA has withstood much over the decades

FFA was officially formed in 1928 and had the name Vocational Agriculture prior to this time. Despite the turmoil times of the 20th century, FFA has held its own.
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The pulse of FFA at the junior high level in Ohio? Alive and well

TRENTON, Ohio — There were two banners sporting quite compelling messages at last year’s FFA National Convention in Indianapolis in November. The first one read: “One is never too old to learn.” The other read: “One is never too young to START learning.”
Today, there are 24,800 FFA members in 308 chapters across Ohio alone for students in grades nine through 12. While FFA enrollment has enjoyed enormous success the past decade, those at the National FFA Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana are taking aim at those in grades 6-8.
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