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Time to break out your favorite Christmas albums

  BITTERSWEET, Ky. – I know, I know, It’s early November. We’re just past Halloween and  are weeks from Thanksgiving. Yet, the department stores have exhibited their Christmas displays for weeks and some local radio stations are beginning their “Christmas Only” playlist.

And let’s not forget the cable channels that have started their annual jaunt to Christmas with a plethora of holiday romance movies.

So, please forgive me if I join the crowd and feature some of my favorite Christmas music selections for the next few weeks.

Those who know me, know how much I love Christmas music. You can blame that on my father because he passed on an inherent love for holiday music and I still love those old standards that were his favorites.

I remember his collection that included albums from Bing Crosby, Nat “King” Cole, and Jimmie Davis. I still love all of these and most of the radio playlists still include some of their great songs.

It’s impossible for me to pick just one that I like more than another, because I like them all. But I have noticed that what I consider to be true holiday classics, are generally these older tunes. Not that there hasn’t been great “newer” tunes over the past few years.

Every season there seems to be a host of new releases recorded just for the holiday season. But, for me, they never quite capture the magic of the holiday like Cole’s The Christmas Song, or Crosby’s Silver Bells, or Davises’ Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.

Perhaps it’s just my attempt to capture old memories from a simpler time gone by. But, don’t many of us, past a certain age, do that?

In looking back at the good ole days, I realize my children will be seeing a completely different era when they reach my age and look back. Their favorites are likely to include great Christmas hits from artists like Bruce Stringsteen, or the Eagles, or Mannheim Steamroller.

I must admit, I do love many of the newer traditions. And I will say, if you haven’t seen a concert by Mannheim Steamroller, then I suggest you get tickets soon.

But, at the end of the day, I’m the most satisfied sitting in front of the fireplace with a little Holly Jolly Christmas from Burl Ives playing in the background.

Here’s to a great holiday season of musical magic no matter what era you like best.