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Remote-controlled mowers cut down on driver rollover injuries


SUAMICO, Wis. — The dangers of tractor rollovers will never go away. But one company allows farmers and landscapers the opportunity to attack steep terrains easily and from a safe distance.

“RC Mowers manufactures remote-controlled mowers that offer quality performance, convenience and safety for any grower’s slope mowing needs,” said Stephen Romano, company director of sales and marketing.

“When you look at major brands of farm tractors, they advertise they’re not designed safely to climb more than 12 degrees. The world of remote-control mowing is all about taking the operator out of harm’s way and allowing that farmer to service an area where one doesn’t want to go or shouldn’t go for safety reasons.”

Built in Suamico, Wis., RC Mowers sells a line of remote-control slope mowers designed to service a wide variety of steeped slope and challenging terrain areas. The company offers slope mowers that are both track and wheel equipped, with deck sizes of 44, 48, 52, 60 and 72 inches.

RC Mowers will showcase its mowers at this year’s National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, with actual demonstrations indoors and outdoors at the event.

“We offer a diverse product selection that caters towards a wide spectrum of challenging terrain cutting needs, like those found on many farms,” Romano explained. “We focus on providing a combination of performance, safety and convenience for both commercial and residential operators. And, our 60-inch and 72-inch mowers are the largest decks of remote control slope mowers on the market.”

Regardless of the model or deck size, all RC Mowers includes the same types of integrated safety features – including a strobe light, signal and mechanical warning horn. They also include a maximum slope detection warning, auto rollover shutdown sensor, PTO auto-off and engine enable production. The company’s matched engine and transaxle pairings are from Kawasaki, Yamaha and HydroGear.

The RC Mowers remote-control safety system provides a host of other safety features. The Auto Drop Sensing Off feature acts as a “dead man’s switch,” with an internal inertia sensor that detects if the remote has been accidentally dropped and immediately sends a signal to the mower to shut down the engine. Mowers can be controlled up to 300 feet away, or up to where maximum line of sight is reached.

Each remote control has a 20-hour run time from a replaceable lithium ion rechargeable battery, and comes with both wall and car chargers and a premium waterproof and dust-proof protective case for transportation and storage.

RC Mowers’ target audience includes landscapers, municipalities, utilities and state parks. But Romano said farmers are increasingly using the RC Mower line of remote-controlled cutters.

“The response we get from farmers is that they want their cutters larger because they’re finding areas where they would come in handy, so we’re eventually going to build larger deck sizes,” he added. “Right now our mowers can handle terrain that is slightly rocky, sandy, wet or compromised. They can even cut saplings that are up to 1.25 inches in diameter.”

See RC Mowers at next week’s show or visit to learn more about the brand and models, view photos and see demonstration videos.

“Our commitment to design and testing reflects our mission to deliver a quality mower capable of tackling any specific mowing job,” Romano said. “We also offer a 24-hour customer service center to respond to any questions, and an Amazon parts story for one’s service parts needs.”