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Views and opinions: A late-night encounter with an important life-lesson equation

Psalm 119:18 — “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Your law.”

There are some things that are difficult to understand ... especially late at night. Math is one of these. Sometimes you just need a good night’s sleep in order to comprehend what someone is trying to teach you.

A few weeks ago Facebook asked the question: “How many of you remember late-night math sessions with your father?” I was surprised by the response. So, I guess I am not the only one!

How could I forget those torturous evenings of mind-numbing equations and drooping eyelids, while Grandpa tried to explain the tedious mechanics of algebra? All I wanted was the answers to finish my assignment so I could go to bed.

But nevertheless the explanations droned on, and I struggled to comprehend how and why “X” could be something different in every problem. What I really needed was a good night’s sleep to refresh my brain and allow my eyes to stay open. Then I would have had more ability to understand.

The Psalmist apprehended the importance of God’s law. It guarded his decisions. By obeying it, he would avert major life mistakes. By storing it in his heart, he would avoid sin and find great joy.

So, he determined to meditate on God’s precepts and make them his delight. But even the Psalmist recognized his inability to grasp the things of God on his own. Humanly speaking, no one can understand the deeper message without God’s help.

The Apostle Paul makes us aware that Satan has blinded people to the light of the gospel. The things of this world lull them to sleep. Their eyelids grow heavy and their heads begin to nod, so they miss the significance of an important equation: God’s Law + Obedience = Delight.

But the Psalmist resolved in his heart to cling to God’s way. And he asked God to open his eyes, giving him the ability to see the wondrous truths of the Scriptures. God did just that; Psalm 119 affirms that these testimonies became the writer’s delight and wise counselors.

How about you? Do you find reading the Bible as confusing as working on algebra late at night? Do you find your head nodding and your mind struggling against a desire to get quick answers so you can move forward doing things your own way? Then ask God to open your eyes!

If you do, He will surely reveal wondrous things from His word. Then you, like the Psalmist, will finally understand and rejoice in the most significant equation of all.


Sandra Sheridan is a Midwest wife and mother of five. She shares her messages to her children with Farm World. Visit her at