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Farm, consumer communications need to improve

Hoosier Ag Today By Gary Truitt
Perdue could take a hacksaw to what isn’t broken at USDA

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USDA reorganization merges safety net, environmental tasks
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Hops production a new ag opportunity for Nebraska
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Will June planting revisions show more soybean acres?
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Young farmers fly in to share dairy priorities with lawmakers
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How big business might grow out of ‘Small Data'
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God’s children have a safe place to visit when worried
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Recalling the good old days of far fewer car notices
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Generosity is a hallmark of nation’s farm regions
Farm & Ranch Life By Dr. Rosmann
Auburn and Cord autos stem from beginning of ag wagons
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Young sisters new to genre show strong vocal influence

Rural Route Music Bluegrass Johnson
Views & Opinions
Purdue supports better safety net, seasonal H-2A visa