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Report compiles salaries of many checkoff chiefs

Farm and Food File By Alan Guebert
Survive this Earth Day? How many can the planet endure?

Hoosier Ag Today By Gary Truitt
Early proposals in the farm bill negotiations are found wanting
Policy Pennings By Daryll E. Ray and Harwood D. Sc
Attention fixed on planting advances across Corn Belt
Market Analysis By Karl Setzer
National Milk rebuts claims on new Canadian pricing policy
Mielke Market Weekly By Lee Mielke
Where do Fido and Fluffy go when a couple divorces?
Itís the Pitts By Lee Pitts
Weathering the bad times that happen to marriages

Truth in the Trenches By Melissa Hart
Get on track with vision to develop progeny plan
Black Inc by Miranda Reiman
Gambling can harm farmers and many of those they love
Farm & Ranch Life By Dr. Rosmann
Early May will see the last of possible frosts for winter ’17
Poor Willís Almanack By Bill Felker
Sleep, and why not everybody gets to enjoy it the same way

The Bookworm Sez by Terri Schlichenmeyer
Bee Gees help Bluegrass recover from spring cold
Rural Route Music Bluegrass Johnson
Some suggestions for how to spend holiday gift cards
The Bookworm Sez by Terri Schlichenmeyer
Toys, scholarships, tributes and more at Sublette show
Wrenching Tales By Cindy Ladage
Anyone, especially Christians, up for start to reconciliation?
The Bible Speaks By Rev. Althouse
Sometimes a ‘no’ answer leads to a solution that is even better

Verses from Mama By Sandra Sheridan
DNR reaches Muskie egg quota for Lake Webster
Spaulding Outdoors By Jack Spaulding
Statues for entomologists are extremely rare honors
On Six Legs By Tom Turpin
Views & Opinions
Go see 'Days Gone By' if going to Tenessee soon