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For a decade, biofuels have powered Indiana’s economy

Guest Opinion
Yield reductions now have limited market influences
Market Analysis By Karl Setzer
China’s cheese demand hits record high in June
Mielke Market Weekly By Lee Mielke
Temperatures will slowly rise during next 10 days
Market Weather by Ryan Martin
Even an old toughie harbors soft spot for pets of the past
Itís the Pitts By Lee Pitts
Novel is part of series, but newbies can catch up fast

The Bookworm Sez by Terri Schlichenmeyer
Elderberries readying for wine as leaves turn toward autumn
Poor Willís Almanack By Bill Felker
Heart service is worth much more than simple lip service
Verses from Mama By Sandra Sheridan
Lessons in humility occur in the funniest and unexpected places
Farm & Ranch Life By Dr. Rosmann
Technology is a wonder for preserving old music

Rural Route Music Bluegrass Johnson
Illinois family may no longer farm, but holds on to tractor collection
Wrenching Tales By Cindy Ladage
Indiana bow angler nets rarely seen alligator gar
Spaulding Outdoors By Jack Spaulding
Views & Opinions
Yield reductions now have limited market influences