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Dicamba can be hard to manage, but is beneficial
Hoosier Ag Today by Gary Truitt
Like an early auttumn fog, memories easiel slip away
Food and Farm File by Alan Guebert
Regulations, exports and taxes? But what about low farm prices?
Policy Pennings By Daryll Ray and Harwood Schaffer
USDA raises its yield estimates on both corn and soybeans
Market Analysis by Karl Setzer
September may be pivotal dairy month
Mielke Market Weekly by Lee Mielke
Patoka Lake sets special dates for hunting waterfowl
Spaulding Outdoors by Jack Spaulding
Death of two more music giants leaves country void
Rural Route Music by Bluegrass Johnson
Book delves into history of commercial chicken industry
THe Bookworm Sez by Terri Schlichenmeyer
Even overwhelmed, you can think of someone worse off
Truth in the Trenches by Melissa Hart
Views & Opinions
Federal crop insurance and flood insurance are parallel