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1 or 2 eggs, beaten with a fork 1-3 cups of hot freshly made cappuccino (my favorites are Swiss Mocha or French Vanilla flavors) Slices of bread Butter Confectioners sugar

Beat the eggs in a bowl. Instead of adding milk like you do when making regular French toast, add the equal amount of hot cappuccino a little at a time and stir constantly so it mixes well. Dip or soak the slices of bread in the cappuccino egg mixture. Then, rub a little butter in a nonstick skillet. Heat it really well and fry the soaked slices of bread on both sides. Remove from the skillet, spread a little butter on the slices and sprinkle on some confectioners sugar. Then, have at it. You’ll never have a better fried-bread breakfast, and old Dad will really enjoy the special meal made in his honor. Readers with questions or comments for Dave Kessler may write to him in care of this publication.