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Create-N-Color Bright Fondant Treat Kit Cornstarch Roll-Out Cookie Dough; recipe available at Rolling Pin Stretchy Cutters Set Color-N-Swirl Bright Icing Kit 9-inch Fondant Roller or rolling pin Oval Fondant Cut-Outs

Make two flower wheels by kneading and softening a small amount of pink and the purple fondant from fondant kit. Dust flower mold from fondant kit with cornstarch. Press pink fondant into swirl portion of mold. Using violet fondant from kit, fill remaining portion of mold. Unmold. For crown, dust fondant mold from kit with cornstarch; press violet fondant from kit into crown mold. Unmold. Prepare and roll out cookie dough. Cut cookies using large round cutter in set. Bake and cool cookies following recipe instructions. Spatula-ice cookies smooth using pink tube icing from icing kit. Press fondant flower wheels on the bottom of the cookie. Roll out violet fondant to 1/16-inch thick. Cut door using medium oval cutout. Cut out windows using small oval cutout; cut in half. Roll out pink fondant 1/16-inch thick. Cut oval using medium oval cutout; cut oval in half. Place pink half over bottom of violet door. Roll small piece of violet fondant into ball and attach for door handle. Place door and windows on cookie; add crown to top of cookie. All materials courtesy of Family Features. Visit for more kid-approved projects and to order products from the Wilton Kids line.