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Corned beef slices, ran through food processor 1-2 large eggs Crackers, crushed Ketchup Optional: Chopped onions

I think I had a half-pound of sliced corned beef. I ran this thorough the food processor and dumped it into a bowl. I used one jumbo egg, but if you have regular eggs you may need two. The crackers I used were Town House original, and I used about a half-sleeve of them, which I crushed. I mixed this by hand and decided it was too dry, so I added some ketchup. I didn’t have any onions to chop, but I think they would be a fine addition if you do. I formed this into a roll shape, covered it and set it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. You could even leave it in the fridge overnight. At this point you can bake it like a meatloaf, but I decided to cut some slices off the meat roll and make them into patties. I fried these, turning them once. I enjoyed them as sandwiches, by using toasted and buttered split English muffins on which I spread some yellow mustard. Scrumptious, for sure! Also being a fan of corned beef hash with eggs, I placed fried patties on a plate and topped them with fried eggs. Real corned beef hash has eggs as an ingredient, but I like them my way equally as well. They’re quick, easy and tasty – and will be on my menu often. I also plan to make corned beef meatballs to serve with boiled cabbage or sauerkraut in the near future. Remember: If the going gets tough at the meat market, the tough make meatloaf. Readers with questions or comments for Dave Kessler may write to him in care of this publication.