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3 pounds chicken wings, disjointed or left whole 2 eggs and 1 tablespoon of water, beaten with fork or egg beater 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 3/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup margarine Sweet and sour stir fry or dipping sauce Sweet chili sauce (Note: These above two sauces can be found in the Chinese food section of your market. Try

Wash the chicken wings in cold water. Let them dry on paper towels. Beat the eggs and water together well. Put the flour in a bowl or on a plate. Heat the olive oil and margarine in a skillet. Mixing oil and margarine raises the temperature so it will get hotter without smoking. In this case, margarine works better than butter. Dip each wing into the egg wash, then into the flour. Place the floured wings into the skillet. Fry until the wings are browned. As the wings finish frying, put them into a casserole dish. Let them cool, cover and put them into your refrigerator. When ready to finish these wings, remove the cover and pour the sauce all over the wings. Put the sauced wings into your oven at 350 degrees. You can bake them for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Put the baked wings into a chafing dish with a heater such as a can of Sterno. This will keep them perfectly warm for as long as they last on the buffet. You’ll want to have them again long before the Super Bowl next year; keep this recipe handy. Readers with questions or comments for Dave Kessler may write to him in care of this publication.