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Sea Scallops, fresh or frozen and thawed
Strips of thin bacon equal to the number of sea scallops
Garlic powder

Wash the sea scallops and pat them dry with a paper towel. Wrap a strip of bacon around each scallop and hold it in place by using a skewer. Sprinkle the wrapped scallops with garlic powder and paprika.
Here’s a helpful hint: Try to find a flat or square skewer, as you will need to turn the scallops under the broiler. If you use a round skewer, they won’t turn, and you’ll just be turning the skewer. If you only have round skewers, use two or more skewers so you’ll have a chance to turn the scallops.
Here’s another way to solve the skewer problem: Place the skewers through the bacon-wrapped scallops and place on a dish with high sides, such as a casserole dish or bowl, so the fat or liquid will drain off.
Broil the first side about five minutes. Then, remove the scallops from the skewer and lay them uncooked-side-up on foil so you can season and broil them on the other side.
Since there is a difference in the thickness of scallops, you may need to experiment with the broiling time. Usually a total of about 10 minutes (5 on each side) will work about right.
Serve hot from the broiler. You’ll need to serve with a sharp knife to cut the bacon, but you can cut the scallops with a fork. Two or three of these make a meal or a filling appetizer. Serve them at your Super Bowl party for a special treat.