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Mr. Borden’s Fingers Hot dogs Red bell pepper Cream cheese Diced tomatoes or salsa Cut the hot dogs sort of finger-length. At the end tips of the hot dogs, cut out a slit for the fingernails. Cut the fingernails from a slice of red bell pepper and hold them in place with a dab of cream cheese. Arrange on the plate so they look like severed digits and put some diced tomatoes or salsa on the cut ends so they’ll look gruesome. Wizard’s Gizzards Dried apricots Caramel apple dip This one is easy for the party giver. Just use a fork or even a toothpick to dip dried apricots into the caramel apple dip. Get them well covered and lay them on the plate exactly where you want them. If you slide them around, the plate will get messy. Be sure to put more than one out per plate because these slathered sweets will be gobbled up quickly. Troll Tongues Sliced bologna Cream cheese Diced tomatoes or salsa This one is easy to prepare as well, and the kids will scarf them down. Cut a tongue-shaped piece of bologna. Slather on some cream cheese. Cut a matching tongue shaped piece of bologna and lay it on top of the cream cheese. You’ll have a nice tasting, thick “tongue.” Add some diced tomatoes or salsa to look like blood at the back end of the tongue. Serve these treats with the lights down low or even by candlelight. Have some scary ghost stories ready to tell and try to scare the heck out of the little devils. It will be a memorable party.