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Trail Mix & Banana Sandwiches
Skinny Cooks

Smooth peanut butter Honey Raisins Dry oatmeal Optional: Diced dried apricots Sliced bananas Bread Butter

He makes the trail mix by dipping out a gob of peanut butter from the jar. He then pours on some honey and stirs it around with a spoon to get a mixture that is soft and runny, like glue. Next comes an addition of raisins. Then he starts adding the oatmeal and stirring it around some more until he gets crumbles. If itís just going to be trail mix he adds enough dry uncooked oatmeal so that he has dry crumbles he can eat by hand. If heís going to spread it on split bananas he adds less dry oats. He also uses this less crumbly and more sticky mixture when making sandwiches so it will spread without tearing the bread. He puts round slices of banana on the mixture and tops it with another slice of bread. This is put into a hot skillet with a lot of butter and grilled until the bread is toasted on both sides and the mixture is good and warm. He declares itís healthy and Iíll have to admit that he doesnít look a day over 65. Of course, this isnít saying much Ė since heís only 54.