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Sweet Vidalia onions Your favorite barbecue sauce Hot dogs Wooden skewers 1 can French-fried onion rings, crushed with a rolling pin

Peel the sweet onions and cut a hole in the top of each onion, that will hold about a tablespoon of your favorite barbecue sauce. After putting the sauce into the hole in the onion, wrap it in aluminum foil. Place the foil-wrapped onions down into the hot coals of your barbecue grill and leave them there for 45 minutes. Place the grill back on top of the coals. Run a wooden skewer into each hot dog, lengthwise. Slather your favorite barbecue sauce on each of the skewered dogs. Use a rolling pin to crush the French-fried onion rings and roll the sauce-slathered dogs in the crushed onions. Wrap each of the onion encrusted hot dogs in foil. Lay these on top of the grill during the last 15-20 minutes of the cooking time for the onions down in the coals. When the dogs have grilled 15-20 minutes, the onions will have spent their 45 minutes down in the coals and will be hot, sweet, juicy and ready to eat. Use tongs to place the dogs and onions on paper plates, and let your friends have at it. Serve these with cold beer and you’ll have a picnic that will do you proud. Invite a bunch of your redneck friends, who will provide a chorus of burping and belching, and everybody will have a down-home good time. Readers with questions or comments for Dave Kessler may write to him in care of this publication.