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Propane shortage is affecting grain elevators in eight states

Dean Foods bankruptcy could have consequences for small dairy farms





 Women taking to the harness racing track in Ohio




A family dairy farm adapts to survive in its high class neighborhood

Rain delay in cotton harvest affects grade and quality of crop


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Innovation summit brought science and agriculture together

INDIANAPOLIS — Test tubes, petri dishes, robots — there are not the typical things you think about when you consider “farming.”
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Mani-Tour to showcase latest in farm loading from Manitou, Gehl



COVINGTON, Ohio — It’s not exactly an agriculture obstacle course, but if you attend the third annual Mani-Tour at the Apple Farm Service in Covington, Ohio, on Dec. 11 you might feel as though you’re in one as you test your abilities of moving an array of obstacles around while using some of the newest farming equipment from Manitou and Gehl. The event is hosted by Apple Farm Service.
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LANDvisor imagery, data help with herbicide applications

INDIANAPOLIS – Corteva Agriscience, with its global business center located on Zionsville Road in Indianapolis, is unveiling LANDVisor, a new integrated technology solution that allows ranchers and land managers to implement a customized solution for accomplishing land management goals. LANDVisor has been in the testing phase for four years and has included many ranches in the Southwest.
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Seeds coated in silk may change planting landscape

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Researchers at MIT could have just changed the landscape of planting. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a protective coating of silk which will not only provide a nitrogen fertilizer, possibly reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers in the future, but also help the plants grow successfully in soils that would be too salty for untreated seeds to develop normally.
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 New members eager to start work with CBB

WASHINGTON D.C. — The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the appointment of 40 members to serve on the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board. Seven of those members, who will serve three-year terms, are from the Farm World readership area.
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Underground Innovations will help famers network

FRANKENMUTH, Mich. — The second annual Underground Innovations conference will be held Dec. 11-12 in Frankenmuth, Mich.
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Farm worker wages up 4 percent over last year

WASHINGTON D.C. — More farm workers were hired and at higher pay during the first week in October compared to the same time period last year, according to a new report from USDA.
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Indiana company produces motor oil out of soybeans

NDIANAPOLIS – Motor oil made from high oleic soybeans has hit the commercial market. Biosynthetic Technologies out of Indianapolis developed the 5W20 and 5W30 motor oil. The oil made with soybeans from U.S farmers met or exceeded the performance of traditional petroleum based motor oil during 18 to 20 months of testing in a variety of vehicles, uses and climate extremes, said David Asiello with the U.S Department of Defense.

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